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Everything You Wanted To Know About Wesley Chapel’s Crystal Lagoon

Everything You Wanted To Know About Wesley Chapel’s Crystal Lagoon

The first crystal lagoon in the United States is already filled with water and ready for its grand opening on April 28th 2018. The new feature will add the beach to all the amenities already in place in Wesley Chapel.

The Crystal Lagoon

The 7.5-acre lagoon, filled with 16 million gallons of purified water, is the sort of the thing you used to only see in places like Egypt, Dubai, Uruguay and Brazil.

Now it will be the centerpiece of a new neighborhood in Wesley Chapel that will have 2,000 homes. The man-made lake is surrounded on the shoreline with white sand beaches and palm trees.

“Tampa is a competitive market. So how do we differentiate ourselves?” development president  Greg Singleton told ABC Action News when asked for the thinking behind the new feature.

The Beach Life

The crystal lagoon is the centerpiece of the planned Epperson development at Curley and Overpass roads. It sits about three miles north of State Road 54 in central Pasco County. The new development is the first in the “connected city corridor” in central and eastern Pasco County.

Neighborhoods there will be part of an ultrafast gigabit community that is being built from the ground up. It will cover 7,800 acres and eventually be home to 96,000 people, according to developer Metro Development. About 57 families have already moved into the Epperson development.

The crystal lagoon will feature a swim-up bar, cabanas, tidal pool and family beach. The lagoon also will be open to paddleboards, kayaks and other non-motorized water vehicles.

Michael Phelps, the global ambassador for Metro, is expected to attend the grand opening on April 28.

Others Coming Soon

While the Wesley Chapel Crystal Lagoon is the nation’s first, it won’t be the only one for long. Metro has plans to build another lagoon in the Wesley Chapel Mirada development south of State Road 52.  A third is planned by Metro for the Southshore Bay development in southern Hillsborough County.

Both Tampa Bay projects are expected to start in 2018. There also are plans to build a fourth in the Fort Myers area.

The Epperson Crystal Lagoon cost Metro between $5 million and $10 million to build, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “It’s more expensive than we thought,” Singleton told the Times, “but that’s to be expected when you’re first.’

The crystal lagoon adds yet another amenity to an area that has exploded in growth in recent years. Recent expansion in Wesley Chapel includes two malls, a college campus and an ice hockey rink.

At the beginning of this decade, the area had a population of about 44,000. That number now has reached 51,000 and more growth is expected.


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