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Tampa Bay Real Estate Agent Open House Tips

Tampa Bay Real Estate Agent Open House Tips

Staging an open house can prove an anxious time for real estate agents. While it’s exciting to think about making a sale, it’s also nerve-racking to ensure you focus on all the open house tips you’ve heard and shared over the years.

Open House Tips

Homes in Tampa Bay can often sell themselves. With just the right professional approach and detailed touches, a real estate agent can make that sale for their clients faster than they might even believe.

Here are some open house tips to keep in mind to make that sale happen.

Get the Word Out

When everything in the home is ready to be shown, make sure to get the open house listed with all the major real estate portals and listing services. Old-fashioned techniques such as posting flyers in the neighborhood can also draw more people. Make sure also to post signs directing people to an open house – even in the age of GPS, people get lost and confused. Post the open house on social media and send out emails to other agents and interested parties.

In short, do whatever you have to do to get as many people to the open house as possible. Real estate is sometimes a percentage game. The larger the pool of potential buyers, the better chance of an actual buyer emerging from that pool.

Have Information to Give

In many cases, people know within the first few minutes if they love or don’t love a house. For those who love it but aren’t quite sure about buying, take the time to put together an information packet on the home complete with attractive pictures and detailed information. Have those ready to hand out when potential buyers finish their tour of the home.


We mean white glove clean. If it takes hiring professional cleaners to get the job done, now is the time to do it. When potential buyers open the door, they need to see a home in immaculate condition.

Curb Appeal

The front of the house needs to be especially clean, with plants pruned and in bushes trimmed. The lawn needs to be mowed and neatly edged. Consider watering the lawn shortly before the buyer’s arrival so that it glistens. Touch up any areas where the paint looks rough.


Everything that doesn’t add to the attraction of a room needs to be eliminated. That means taking out even the owner’s favorite items. Each room needs to look professionally staged, which means a minimum number of items. And what is there needs to be attractive. This extends to the garage – buyers need to see it as a place to park their cars, not a place to put every item that can’t fit in the house.

Remove Personal Items, Pets

As part of the “cleaning out the clutter” process, also remove all personal items. When buyers walk in, they want to see a space that they can envision as their own. That’s hard to do if the wall is covered with Aunt Dorothy’s watercolor paintings. The same goes for pets – but even more so. Some people don’t have the same affection for dogs and cats that the current owner does, and one look at a kitty litter box is going to turn them off.

Keep the above open house tips in mind as you get ready for  the big day. These details can make the difference between a sale or no sale. But don’t worry. You’ve got this.

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