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Tampa Historic Homes: 10 Vintage Homes in Tampa You’ll Love

Tampa Historic Homes: 10 Vintage Homes in Tampa You’ll Love

Founded in 1849, Tampa did not start to boom as a city until late in the 19th century. During that era and into the early 20th century, a large number of Tampa historic homes were built. Many of them have since been placed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

These vintage homes in Tampa can still be seen. In a few cases, tours are offered. For those interested in area history or a look at past architectural styles, it’s fun to hop in the car and check out these Tampa historic homes.

Find Tampa Historic Homes

These homes are scattered through the area, many of them in popular Tampa neighborhoods.

Also, there are Tampa Historic Districts that include many older homes. They include Hyde Park, Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights, Ybor City, Hampton Terrace, West Tampa and Palmetto Beach. Each has its own flavor, but each also is a great place to find vintage homes in Tampa.

Anderson-Frank House

This house at 341 Plant Ave. in Hyde Park was designed by Francis J. Kennard, who designed many homes and buildings in Tampa in a neoclassical style. His partner on the house was Michael J. Miller, who partnered with Kennard on many design projects. The house, built between 1898 and 1901, is considered a significant example of colonial revival style.

William E. Curtis House

Built around 1905, the William E. Curtis house is at 808 East Curtis St. in Seminole Heights. It is considered an example of the Dutch colonial revival style.

Isaac Gardner Sr. House

This house sits north of downtown at 209 West Palm Ave., about three blocks north of Water Works Park. The home in the Tampa Heights area is about 100 years old.

George Guida Sr. House

This house is in West Tampa at 1516 North Renfrew Ave. Guida was a local builder. Among his many projects were the Jesuit High School Athletic Field House and the facilities for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Known as “Mr. West Tampa,” the city dedicated George Guida Memorial Drive at McFarland Park in 1987.

Davis Islands Mediterranean Revival Style

One way to see many vintage homes in Tampa is to drive down to Davis Islands. A number of homes have been placed on the National Registry of Historic Places on the islands because they are examples of Mediterranean revival style. They include:

  • 36 Aegean Ave.
  • 36 Columbia Drive
  • 53 Aegean Ave.
  • 59 Aegean Ave.
  • 84 Adalia Ave.

Hutchinson House

This home at 304 Plant Ave. in Hyde Park was built in 1908. It represents an example of Second Empire architecture, so named because it uses design elements from the second French empire. It is one of only a few houses that have this style in the entire state of Florida.

Jackson Rooming House

This building at 851 Zack St. served as rooming house for African Americans when other places would not admit them during the era of racial segregation. The lodging house opened in 1901 and is on the northside of downtown, not far from Tampa Union Station.

Capt. William Parker Jackson House

This house belonged to some of the first pioneers to settle in the Tampa area. It is at 800 E. Lambright St. Jackson’s parents  – Robert and Nancy Jackson – are believed to have the first recorded marriage on Florida’s west coast. The house was built in the 1870s and was originally a farmhouse with lands that spread all the way to the Hillsborough River.

T. C. Taliaferro House

This house, located at 305 South Hyde Park, was built in the classical revival style sometime in the late 19thy century when Tampa was just becoming a city. It now is home to the Helen Gordon Davis Centre for Women.

Stovall House

This was the house of Wallace Stovall, the original publisher of the Tampa Tribune. Located at 4621 Bayshore Boulevard, it was built by L.T. Tousedale and is considered another example of classical revival style. These are some of the many Tampa historic homes you can see around the city. While Tampa is relatively new compared to other American cities, it already has a colorful history, including many vintage homes.

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