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How to Sell Your House During the Holidays

How to Sell Your House During the Holidays

Deciding to sell your house during the holidays can be an excellent choice because buyers are motivated. For the best results, remember to set the right place, enhance curb appeal, make your house cozy and neat, take strong photos and video, offer holiday goodies and hire a professional.

Hire An Agent

While some are tempted to put out a “for sale by owner” sign, working with a professional is usually the best way to go. Real estate agents have the experience to move your house fast by marketing and pricing it correctly. They know the best improvements to make the house more attractive. They also have a network of other agents in the market representing potential buyers.

Set The Right Price

Speaking of the selling price, this is an area where many sellers make a mistake. Typically, they overvalue what a home is worth and set the price too high. That leads to the house staying listed for too long, people thinking something might be wrong with it and less interest from buyers. This is especially true when you sell your house during the holidays, when buyers may think they can simply wait until spring for a better price. Listen to your agent and target a fair price for your home.

Curb Appeal

This is extremely important. You want the house to stand out from the pack. Creating a neat, beautiful and welcoming view of the home from the curb is essential to getting buyer interest, especially during the busy holiday season. If you put up decorations to make it even more attractive, just make sure not to overdo it.

Make it Cozy

Even in Florida, the days can get a little chilly. Make sure the inside of your home is warm and inviting. Here’s another place to put out tasteful holiday decorations. Let the buyers know what the home is capable of looking like during the holidays. Also, it creates a cozy, cheerful atmosphere that will take some of the stress away for buyers spending the holidays looking for a home.

Neaten It Up

Much like you don’t want to overload with the holiday decorations, you also want to clean up the non-seasonal messes you have around the house. If you have pets, clean up the chew toys scattered everywhere and clean up the kitty litter – you may love your pets, but the homebuyers may not. Also, messes in the garage, offices and spare rooms need to be cleaned up. You want the house to look as neat and inviting as possible.

Offer Some Goodies

It’s the holidays, so why not bake some cookies and offer some cocoa to people viewing your home? It will put the potential buyers at ease and make the house seem all the more inviting.

Photos and Video

Make sure to have photos for the listing that show your home in the best light. Consider shooting a video of the home that potential buyers can see on the internet. Both can go a long way to separating your home from the competition.

Keep these tips in mind when trying to sell your house during the holidays. Buyers will be motivated. It’s up to you to give them something to get excited enough about to buy.

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