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Sell My House Now: 8 Fast Home Selling Tips

Sell My House Now: 8 Fast Home Selling Tips | Free Home Value Estimate

For anyone thinking “I need to sell my house now,” there are certain steps to take that will make the process go smoother. That’s true even if you need the process to go as fast as possible.

Sell My House Now

For those in “sell my house now” mode, it’s important to plan ahead. Even if you are in a hurry, you can take the following steps to ensure the process ends with your home sold and you happy with the selling price.

Find a Tampa Realtor

You’re going to need someone on your side who understands the Tampa real estate market and has years of experience selling homes in neighborhoods across the city. To find a Tampa realtor, make sure you look for those who will closely work with you, have expertise on setting prices and making sales, and understand how to market your home in the digital age.

Decide On A Selling Price

One of the first moves smart sellers make is to get a free home value estimate from a qualified realtor. You’ll want to factor in all the various aspects to set the right price. That includes the recent selling prices of homes in your area as well as the current listing prices. This is an area where a real estate professional is a huge asset. Setting the wrong place can end up leaving the home on the market far too long or can result in you selling the home for far too little money.

How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Prepare the Home

This is where the hard work comes in. But the following areas are very important to ensure that the home is in the best shape possible for potential buyers to view. First impressions are everything in real estate.

Curb Appeal

If you’ve been somewhat lazy with the yard work, now is the time to change that. You don’t have to put in a brand-new flower bed or amazing uplighting. What you do need to go is clean up what is already there. Weed the flower beds. Pull out any dead or dying plants. Keep the lawn mowed and fill in any patches of dirt in the lawn. The impression you want to give is one of neatness and order. That will vastly improve the curb appeal.

The Kitchen

Most Tampa real estate professionals will tell you that the kitchen is where you can make the most impact. People spend a lot of their time in the kitchen and having a modern one with the latest features is a great attraction for buyers. If you don’t have the time or the money to put into renovating the kitchen, at least make sure that all the appliances are in top-notch condition and the kitchen is freshly painted.


This is especially important if you have lived in a home for many years. Now’s the time to minimize. Remove extra furniture, and of course, throw away old magazines and other items that have stacked up. It’s hard for a buyer to imagine a home as being their own if it’s filled with someone else’s stuff.

Grand Entrance

Make sure that every little detail around the entrance to the home is decorated properly. This is the first area people see as they enter a home, and you want it to sparkle and shine. Water the lawn a half-hour before buyers arrive. Add colorful flowers in decorative vases just outside the door. This is the part people will remember.

Scene setting

If you are in a cold place, have the logs on the fire, ready to go. If you have a beautiful dish set, go ahead and set the table with it. Place a seasonal wreath on the doorway. Make sure all the attractive lighting is on. Think of it as the set of a movie or magazine shoot. You want everything to be “just so.”

Furniture Placement

If you’ve moved furniture around for practical reasons, now’s the time to place the furniture for aesthetic reasons. Also, tinker around with placement until you find a way that makes a room look bigger. That’s a key factor in many buyers’ decision.

Consider these tips as you get your home ready for sale, especially if you need to “sell my house now.”  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be as close to perfection as you can make it. You want to get the maximum amount possible and get the most you can on your home investment.

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