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6 Genius Ways to Save Money on Utility Bills

6 Genius Ways to Save Money on Utility Bills

Everyone wants to save money on utility bills. Luckily, it’s just a matter of knowing the right moves to make and having the discipline to make them.

Save Money On Utility Bills

Many of these steps are common knowledge. For example:

  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  • Use energy efficient bulbs
  • Raise the thermostat to a higher temperature when you are out during the hot months (and the opposite during cold months)
  • Invest in energy efficient windows – you’ll more than make your money back over time on lower electric bills
  • Only run the dishwasher when it is full
  • For smaller meals, use the microwave or a toaster oven rather than heating up the big oven, which takes much more energy

That’s basic stuff, but all of it will save money on utility bills. For those who really want to address the issue, consider some of the following.

Attic Insulation

Heat rises. That’s all you need to know to understand why putting insulation in your attic can save you a lot of money during frosty winter months. This also has the benefit of being easy to do. Fiberglass insulation is relatively cheap, and installing it just requires rolling it out in your attic, working around light fixtures and into tight corners. The main thing to remember is to wear protective gear to protect yourself from the tiny fibers that insulation can release.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans placed in the right areas – the den where people gather, over beds – can help reduce temperatures by circulating air. If done correctly and used properly, you can set you air conditioner to a higher temperature and still achieve a cool temperature inside.

Block Windows

Search around your house for places where sunlight pours in during the day. This can increase the temperature in the house by several degrees. In the summer months, especially in hot locales, it’s a smart move to close the blinds over those windows during the hours of direct sunlight or put up some sunlight blocking curtains.

Get Professional Maintenance

It’s hard sometimes to spend money on maintenance, but in the long run it will save you money. Have your HVAC system professional checked every year. That keeps it running at peak performance, which means saving money on utility bills.

Insulate Your Water Heater

This one can save piles of money over time, but it’s surprising how many do not do it. By wrapping up your hot water tank, you can save on the energy to heat the water. Water heater “jackets” decrease heat loss by more than 25%.

Do Some Cleaning

Set a reminder on your calendar to clean the vents all around your house. Get all the dust out so the vents are blowing freely. Also, make sure to change air filters on your air conditioning system every three to six months, depending on how heavily it is used. Clogged vents and air filters make your system work harder – and cost you more money.

Putting these tips into play can help you realize your goal of saving money on utility bills. Odds are your family is not going to develop a fondness for being really hot or cold, so simply setting the thermostat higher or lower is not the solution. Instead, put these tips into play.

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