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Real Estate Attorneys vs Tampa Realtors: What’s the Difference?

Real Estate Attorneys vs Tampa Realtors: What’s the Difference?

Buying or selling a house is a complicated process that can require both Tampa realtors and real estate attorneys. Realtors in Tampa handle dozens of issues related to marketing and sales negotiations, while real estate attorneys can protect your interests with advice on contract and property issues.

Both are important to buyers and sellers. Those getting into the Tampa housing market will want to determine if they need both before getting serious about any Tampa real estate deal.

Tampa Realtors

Realtors offer many services that Tampa real estate attorneys do not, making it important for you to find realtors in Tampa. For buyers, they are critical to finding the right home in the right neighborhood. For sellers, they can guide you through the steps you need to take to get a home ready to sell. Some of the skills and expertise Tampa realtors bring to the table include the following.

Find Tampa Realtors

Knowledge of the Market

When you talk to realtors in Tampa, they know every neighborhood in the market down to the activity on each street. They live and work in Tampa and understand the market in a way that only professionals in real estate can understand it. Partnering with an agent puts both buyers and sellers in a position to make the best deal.

Home Listings

Realtors understand the details of how and where to list a home for effective marketing. They also can walk homeowners through the steps they need to take to make a home an attractive listing. A Tampa realtor understands how to create a listing that attracts serious buyers.

Comparative Market Analysis

Realtors in Tampa understand how to prepare a comparative market analysis, which involves producing a report on active, pending and recently sold listings in the area. It offers the latest, most relevant information about home sales in your area. This is a crucial step in determining a fair price for your home.

How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Professional Network

Tampa real estate agents also have a network of people who do excellent work in areas that both home sellers and buyers need. They include repair workers, painters, and inspectors. These types of contacts are invaluable because Tampa realtors know who does the best work in these areas and can connect you with the right person.a

Real Estate Attorneys

Clearly, it’s important to find Tampa realtors when you are getting ready to enter the housing market. But in some areas, you may want a real estate attorney. In general, they can provide legal advice where agents cannot. Here are some specific areas where they might be needed.

Protecting Your Interests

Florida law does not require an attorney to be present for a real estate closing, according to aboutfloridalaw.com. However, an attorney can go over the contracts and make sure your interests are protected in areas such as disclosure of defects in the home you are buying and details of an inspection report.

Special Cases

On some properties, there might be unusual circumstances such as boundary issues with neighbors involving a fence line. Because of the extensive waterways in Florida, attorneys can also advise on any legal restrictions involving waterfront property (for example, laws on how far you can extend a dock into a lake). They also can help untangle any issues that might come into play in terms of the title on the property.

Closing The Deal

Most home sales use standard legal paperwork (there’s a lot of it). Typically, the sale is closed in either a title office or an attorney’s office. Attorneys are especially useful if the closing contract involves any special additions to the final deal.

These are some of the ways both Tampa realtors and real estate attorneys can provide services to buyers and sellers in the Tampa housing market. Both can help make your experience go smoothly. More importantly, they give you partners in the process who are looking out for your interests.

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