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How Much Is My Home in Tampa Worth Now?

Home Worth in Tampa

Home values have increased in recent years in Tampa. Many homeowners now wonder what they could make by selling their home.

But how can they find the most accurate valuation of their home as possible?

Thanks to advances in technology, it’s easier than ever to get at least a ballpark figure on what a home is worth. Online sites and calculators can help a homeowner determine how much the value of the home has appreciated.

However, that’s just a start. For those who are serious enough about selling to want an exact price for their home, the traditional route remains the best route.

Consult An Agent

The search for home prices can begin with other places, but it should end here. Only a professional agent can tell you the value of your home given all the factors involved. Those include the specific street in your neighborhood, the value of past sells (updated to the minute) and the price at which others have listed their homes.

While the options below can give you an idea of how much your home is worth, only a qualified agent can give you an exact price at which you could list your home. Ultimately, that’s the number you want.

Online Sites

Real estate sites also can help you find the value of your home. The popular website Zillow, for example, lists the median price of a house in Tampa at $185,000 as of July 2017. Median means an equal number of houses are above and below that value.

The median value of Tampa homes have gone up 13.6 percent in the past year. Zillow projects they will go up another 4.5 percent in the next year. The current median listing price of homes for sale in Tampa is $284,990.

State Numbers

For a bigger picture of the housing market, you can look at the monthly reports on home sale values based on sales reported by realtors.

For example, the entire Tampa Bay market has seen increases in home sales this year when compared to the same month in 2016. In Hillsborough County, sales in June were 6.6 percent higher than sales in June 2016.

The median price for those sales was $245,000, according to a news report on the monthly numbers.


A host of banks and real estate companies offer calculators to determine the value of your home.

For example, Chase Bank offers a calculator that requires a homeowner to simply enter their address. Chase has a software program that researches home prices in the area and gives an estimate.

Other calculators are available from Bank of America, Zillow, Redfin and Re/Max, among many others.

Any of these methods can help a homeowner determine the value of their house. But while these estimates, calculators and past home sales figures are helpful, they only give a ballpark estimate.

When it comes to the point of selling a home and wanting to know the exact value of your Tampa home, it’s important to work through a real estate agent to get the most accurate price possible.

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