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What Is a Full Service Real Estate Agent?

Full Service Real Estate Agent

In the name of conserving dollars, some home sellers have moved away from full service real estate agents into flat fee agents.

Many may regret the decision.

Full service agents are much more involved with a home sale when they are hired to manage the listing. A flat fee service typically does little more than list the house. Depending on the service, the rest may very well be up to you.

So before making this important decision, it’s wise to consider all the factors. Some home sellers are unclear about what a full service real estate agent does. The following lists some of the key services they provide.

Key Services Provided By Real Estate Agents

The services provided by a full service agent can sometimes vary from city to city or even agency to agency within the same city. It’s important to find a trustworthy agent who provides all the services you need.

Selling a home in Tampa or other parts of the US is tough enough for the seller. It’s important to have a trusted Tampa real estate agent who is a partner through the experience and brings professionalism and expertise to the table.

Staging the Home

Even before the home is listed, a savvy agent will work with homeowners to make the necessary changes to a house that will increase its chances for selling at the price the owners want. This includes curb appeal, which means getting the front of the house as attractive as possible. Inside, it could mean painting walls to a neutral color and fixing any small but nagging problems. Only when the house is in its best light will a full service agent get ready to list and show it.

Listings and Marketing

A full service agent will list the home on multiple listings for the area. He or she will also market the home through advertising online. This means taking photos of the home and putting together a comprehensive listing on all the available outlets.

 Showing the Home

This a time consuming, full-time job once an attractive house is listed. A full service agent will coordinate when the home is shown with you. They also will meet potential buyers and guide them through the home. This leaves the sellers out of the process, which is the best place for them. A professional agent knows the best methods for showing a home without the emotions a seller might experience. It also keeps the sellers from having to manage their professional and private life while also taking out hours to show their home to many potential buyers.


Some sellers may know a handful of people who either are interested buying or know someone who might be interested. Full service real estate agents have dozens and dozens of contacts among fellow agents and people they know in the area. Many homes often are sold through simple networking by real estate agents with their contacts. Again, this is a full-time profession. Like any other, networking is a big part of the job.


With a flat fee service, a home seller is typically on their own when it comes time to negotiate a selling price. That can prove tricky because of the emotions involved. Full service agents have years of experience in negotiations. Turning this part of the home selling effort over to a professional is among the smartest moves a home owner can make. And remember, the home owner has the ultimate say on whether or not to make the deal.

These are some of the ways full service agents serve home sellers. While it’s possible to sell a home on your own or with a flat fee agency, full service brings a level of professionalism to the process. That’s a smart move for what could be one of the more important financial transactions of your life.

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