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How Do I Find The Value of My House?

How Do I Find The Value of My House? | Free Home Estimate

Whether you are getting ready to sell or thinking of making improvements to increase your home value, an important question every homeowner wants to know is; what’s the value of my house?

What’s The Value of My House?

In many cases, homeowners want to know the value because they are thinking of selling. At certain times, such as during the housing bubble in the first part of last decade, it was a pleasure to check your home value. After the bubble burst, it was a bit more unpleasant.

Even so, it’s always good to know. That’s why Tampa Real Estate company Casa Fina offers a free estimate on what your home is worth. You can’t get to where you want to go with your home’s value without knowing where you are right now.

They also will work with homeowners to get a home valued and sold at the maximum price possible.

Increasing Value

For many homebuyers, it’s good to consult with a Realtor in Tampa for a number of reasons. One of them is the fact that real estate professionals can give you solid advice on ways to improve the value of your home in the most efficient way possible.

For example, sinking a lot of money into a project that you have dreamed about but that won’t increase the value of your home should be carefully considered. It can depend on the neighborhood and type of home, too. A new pool might help in some areas but not others. The same goes for expensive new plumbing and water lines.

A remodeled kitchen, on the other hand, is almost always a winner. The point is, you don’t know until you talk to a professional.

List Price

For some, getting an objective home value on their home is the last step before they list with a Tampa Reltor. But that’s another area where pros can help. They know how people search for homes online and will know where to value your home to balance getting maximum exposure with the best price.

Compare Competition

Getting a free home value estimate from Tampa real estate experts – especially those who specialize in real estate in Tampa – also gets the most accurate value of your home. Through comparative market analysis – which includes prices for similar homes sold in the last few months – and researching current listings for homes in your area, real estate experts can get a very accurate picture of your home’s worth.

The Importance of Accurate Pricing

All the above is critical for answering the question; what’s the value of my house? Finding the right price is always a priority.

Price a home too high and it will sit on the market. The longer it sits, the more some will think there is something wrong with the house. Suspicious home shoppers are not likely to buy.

On the other hand, pricing too low will move the home fast and leave a lot of money on the table. After all the years of hard work maintaining and improving a home’s curb appeal, the last thing you want is to not get a fair price.

Tampa real estate professionals also set proper expectations – most homebuyers overvalue their home.

Getting free home value tips is an important – maybe the most important – step in the home-selling process. Sellling your home is one of those areas in life where a “do it yourself” approach might actually cost you in the end. It’s wise to take advantage of what a free home estimate offers such as the one from Casa Fina Realty.

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