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9 Benefits Of Master Planned Communities

9 Benefits Of Master Planned Communities

In the old days of building neighborhoods, builders gave little thought to factors such as traffic flow and green space. They also did not focus on the convenience and attractiveness of nearby parks, banks, grocery stores and other shopping destinations. Modern planned communities are different. Architects and engineers design every detail before the first shovel hits the dirt. That includes home interiors, streets and the surrounding neighborhood.

Planned Communities In Tampa

Examples of this in Tampa would include Hunter’s Green and Tampa Palms. What makes these neighborhoods so attractive? The reasons include the following.


One of the biggest headaches in an unplanned neighborhood is getting in and out of the area. That turns morning and evening rush hours into nightmares. In a planned community, engineers design roadway to maximize traffic flow.


Planned communities offer many amenities. They include pools, tennis courts, golf courses, club houses and fitness centers. While you might live far out from the city center, everything you need is in your neighborhood.

Beautiful landscaping

Planned communities feature public areas maintained to perfection by professional landscaping crews.

High Quality

One of the biggest “peace of mind” factors in home buying is knowing that quality builders constructed the house. Major contractors handle most planned communities. They have years of experience. They make well-built homes that last many years.


Most planned communities offer substantial amounts of green space. That includes parks with trails for nature walks and jogging.

Building Community

Many aspects of a planned community support connecting with neighbors. Those include wide sidewalks, attractive central gathering places and front porches on homes. All of that supports neighbors getting together and enjoying each other’s company.


Planned communities feature many different home designs by various builders.

Stable Value

Homebuyers always want long-term value. Unlike older neighborhoods that might change for the worse, planned communities typically include agreements in which owners must maintain their homes to certain standards.

Surrounding area

Areas around planned communities feature well-maintained business centers, retail stores, banks and gas stations. Many of them adhere to building and landscaping standards that make them much more attractive.

These are some of the factors that make living in a planned community a promising option for those in the market for a new home.

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