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3 Reasons Why It’s Worth Moving for a Better School District

3 reasons worth changing homes better school district

When it comes to parenting, few things carry the anxiety of trying to decide where to live based on the school district.

It’s especially an issue for those who purchased a home in a neighborhood before they had children, only to discover once their kids reach school age that the schools in the area are not up to their standards.

Should people move for better a school district? The answer may not be what some want to hear, but it’s usually “yes.”

Those who find themselves in this situation often talk themselves out of moving simply because of the work involved with changing homes, which is completely understandable. But the advantages of changing locations for a better school district is worth considering.

The following are some of the reasons why moving could prove a wise decision.

A Good School District is Better For the Kids

At some point in every parent’s life, they realize it’s no longer about them, it’s about the kids. Attending a highly ranked school means better teachers, smaller class sizes, better materials, better field trips, more funding for extracurricular activities and, in most cases, a higher rate of high school graduates moving on to college.

All of this provides children with a better “launching pad” into the future. While the upfront costs of moving and upgrading your home might prove substantial, the long-term benefits make it worthwhile.

It’s Good For You, Too

Over time, homes in neighborhoods with good schools tend to appreciate at a more consistent rate than the homes in other areas. A recent study found that homes in good school districts tend to sell faster and at a higher value than homes in other areas. Also, during times of declining home values, homes in good school neighborhoods tend to hold their value much better than homes with poorly ranked schools.

Some parents consider private school, but the study also showed that is not always the best option. A person who remains in a less-than-great school district may pay a lower mortgage, but the cost of private school on top of the mortgage payment can drive monthly bills higher than the cost of simply buying in a neighborhood with better public schools.

It’s What Successful People Do

Look around your neighborhood. Are the kids there successful and attending top-rated schools? Moving into areas where they are surrounded by other successful people is one of the key things that wealthier, successful people do, according to a study in the American Sociological Review. “Buying a neighborhood is probably one of the most important things you can do for your kid,” University of Southern California professor Ann Owens told the Washington Post in commenting on the report.

While you might not be able to afford the wealthiest of neighborhoods, it’s wise to consider moving into the best neighborhood you can afford with good schools. It’s really comes down to common sense: Parents want their children surrounded by other kids who are on a track toward success in a quality school.

These are some of the considerations for parents on moving to a better neighborhood for a better school. It’s not an easy choice. However, if ever people needed motivation to stretch themselves to the limit financially, providing the best possible education for their children is the best reason possible.

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