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10 Questions to Ask Your Tampa Realtors

10 Questions to Ask Your Tampa Realtor | Home Buying & Selling Tips

When seeking a realtor to either buy or sell a home in Tampa, you’ll have plenty of questions. Good Tampa realtors expect that and will be more than willing to supply you the answers.

But what questions should you ask? Below are some ideas that can get you started on your list of questions. These cover some of the basics and are a good starting point.

Questions to Ask Tampa Realtors About Buying

How Much Experience Do You Have?

While it’s OK to work with a newer agent, you want one that is a trusted Tampa realtor who knows the area well. That way even new agents are backed up by an agency with years of experience.

What Neighborhoods Do You Specialize In?

You want to make sure that your agent knows the neighborhoods where you are looking very well, whether it’s New Tampa, Carrollwood of Westchase. They should know all about the area’s schools, restaurants, retail options, roadways, safety and any cultural features. If you are looking for a New Tampa real estate agent, you want an agent who really knows New Tampa!

How Many Homes Did You Close In the Last Year?

It’s important to work with a realtor and an agency that goes beyond working with buyers and actually closes a deal for them. Obviously, there’s a significant difference between the two.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Buy A Home?

A realtor likely will give you the high-end number and hope to pleasantly surprise. Ask this question knowing that it typically takes between 30 and 60 days just to look around at houses. Then, there is another two weeks to two-month period between the initial signing of the sales contract and the closing. Remember that those are just benchmark numbers and can vary in different Tampa neighborhoods.

How Will We Stay In Touch?

Communication almost always is an issue at some point. You’ll want to establish early when and where your agent is available. You’ll also want to find out what the best way of communication is – texting, email or phone calls.

Questions to Ask Tampa Realtors About Selling

Some of the questions above apply to finding an agent to sell a home, as well. That’s especially true for the level of experience and communication. Here are more questions tied into selling a home.

How Many Homes Have You Sold In My Neighborhood?

You want a successful track record of sales in your area with the real estate agent you choose.

How Will You Market My Home?

This might be the most important question. In the always-competitive Tampa market, you want an agent who has a solid plan for getting your home in front of as many people as possible. That includes having connections with other agents who are representing potential buyers, listing your home on MLS, holding open houses, using print advertising and flyers and ensuring your home is placed on the reputable and popular websites.

How Much Time Will I Have to Sign Documents?

You want an agent who gives you plenty of time to review all the documents related to your home sale without feeling rushed.

What Is You Average Listing Price to Sales Price Ratio?

You want a trusted Tampa agent who will set a reasonable price from the outset at the maximum amount the market will bear. You don’t want someone who lists an extremely high price and gets much less or lowballs the price to get a quick sale.

How Much Time Does Your Average Listing Sit On the Market?

This is another way of determining if the agent is good at pricing and marketing homes.

Keep these questions in mind whether you are buying or selling a home. Reputable real estate companies who know Tampa can answer all these questions and many more. They are more than willing to work with you because they have the experience and confidence to know they will get the right price whether you are buying or selling.

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